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Event sponsor

We're always looking for gracious hosts for our events. We typically need space to accommodate 20-40 people. For our Code Review & Pairing events, we need tables that allow for side by side pairing, but they do not all need to be in the same room. We'll love you even more if you're willing to provide food and La Croix for our attendees.

As a sponsor, your name will be included in all of the event marketing materials as well as the marketing emails sent out to our attendees. We will happily give you the floor to start/end the event with any announcements you may want to make to our community.

To sponsor an event, please contact your local Chapter Leader. Find your local chapter here.

Chapter sponsor

Are you looking to make an even bigger impact with our community? Consider sponsoring your local chapter. Please contact our Founder, Mercedes Bernard, with interest and questions.