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There is no gatekeeping here

With our upcoming Code Review & Pairing event on September 11, 2018, there have been some questions about how to “get ready” for our code reviews and how to make sure your code is good enough.

We just want to say that there is NO GATEKEEPING here. The goal of code reviews and pairing with our Mentors is to learn and have a supportive place to ask any and all questions. There are no minimum requirements for your code.

Are you stuck on 3 lines that you don’t understand? Bring that! We can help you work though it.

Do you feel like you’ve been doing nothing but interviewing and take home code challenges and you want to get feedback on how you could improve? Awesome, we love to help. Let’s see if we can make your next one the last one!

Did you try FizzBuzz and want to talk it through? Cool! Let’s chat!

Have you been working through some code in your bootcamp and are frustrated and want a fresh pair of eyes? We have those.

Did you write a cool little app and are trying to think about what features to add to it? Or how design the classes to make it easy to extend it? We love those problems, let’s take a look!

Are you getting your degree and need help knowing what makes a good unit test? Sweet, we’re going to talk testing!

Dev Together welcomes ALL developers. No matter what language you code in, how many lines you’ve written, or for how long you’ve been coding, you are a real developer and we want you to join us!