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Madison Jan Code Review & Pairing - Thank you CUNA Mutual Group

Our Madison chapter’s sponsor for their 3rd event was CUNA Mutual Group. CUNA Mutual Group partners with credit unions on insurance and investments and has been around for more than 80 years. Throughout this time, CUNA Mutual Group has helped credit unions, businesses, and hardworking Americans build financial security. CUNA Mutual has been known for giving back to the community and we are thankful for the space and food they provided us.

We kicked off the event with Madison Chapter Leader, Cristina Ruth, talking about how this was our biggest event so far with 20+ attendees, and reminiscing about how worried she was around getting only 1 Mentee signup for the chapter’s first event back in November. Jennifer Ilk, Vice President of Information Technology at CUNA Mutual, then provided the attendees with a warm welcome and a quick note about their job openings.

This was our first event that we tried pairing Mentees with Mentors on non-code topics like career tips, resume advice, etc. We are very thankful for Jennifer Ilk as she stepped up as a backup Mentor for our Mentees who were there for non-coding help but whose Mentors had last-minute cancellations. Thank you very much, Jennifer!

Our Mentor and Mentee pairs worked on various topics like code design, data flow, practicing on code challenges for tech interviews, CSS styles for long words on small screens, communicating with Paypal API, clean/readable/scalable code, state management and data nesting. Technologies that were worked on were C#, javascript, Python, CSS and React.

We are always aiming to improve our events, so for this event, we sent an experience survey post-event. It is amazing to see that we’ve gotten a 4.78/5 average rating! We are doing something right, and we will definitely keep going!

As part of the survey feedback, we got some suggestions around providing instructions to find the building easily, more information on how the Mentee/Mentor relationship would work after the event, and clarifying how much food there would be. These have all been noted, and we’ll work on these for our future events 😄

There were also very nice comments around the event. One of our Mentors commented on the experience of being able to give back:

“It was a very rewarding experience to be a mentor and pass on what a I’ve learned over years with someone who shares my passion for programming and technology.”

Another Mentee commented on how the event was unique in addressing his current needs:

“As a new coder and mentee, this was exactly what I needed! I attend many great meetups that introduce us to the leading edge of technology. This one was unique in meeting me where I am at right now for growing my skills in the right direction. Thank you to all the Mentors for giving your time and skills to helping us! Thank you Cristina Ruth for organizing the meetup! Thank you CUNA for being the hosting sponsor!”

This has been our biggest event so far. It’s amazing to see how much the group has grown in only 2 months, and it’s so exciting to see where the group would be 1 year from now.

We’re switching it up for our next event on Tuesday, Feb. 12. We’ll hold a workshop around Github and Source Control Basics at the Sequoya Branch, Madison Public Library. We hope you can join us there!

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