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Madison Dec Code Review & Pairing - Thank you Hardin Design and Development

Our Madison chapter’s sponsor for their 2nd event was Hardin Design and Development, who makes web, mobile, or IoT projects for organizations in the insurance, real estate, education and healthcare industries. We’re very appreciative of HardinDD for providing us the space we needed and food – thank you!

As people arrived, early arrivers hung out on the comfy couches in the building’s main lobby area. Then we started our event, ate delicious pizza from Glass Nickel (courtesy of Hardin DD) and paired up on various topics like Angular, React, class design/structure, sorting algorithms and consuming an API for a real-time messaging system.

We had a little bit of a hitch shortly after the event ended, when a few people couldn’t get out of the parking lot. 😅

It’s amazing to see how Dev Together is already making an impact on mentees. Here’s what a few had to say shortly after this event:

“It was a big confidence booster/motivator! I learned a lot and community really helps! Both of my mentors have been outstanding! I really appreciate their feedback, insight, and encouragement”! - 2nd Timer Mentee

“Really enjoyed the pair programming as a 1st time event participant. & SUPER appreciate all your work as organizer and mentor!!”

We can’t do it without our awesome Mentors who take the time to help our Mentees out. Thank you, Mentors!

Our next event is on Tuesday, January 8, for another Code Review and Pairing session. CUNA Mutual Group will be hosting us at 5810 Mineral Point Rd here in Madison and will be providing food. We hope you can join us there!

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