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Chicago May Code Review & Pairing - Thank you Cameo

Thank you to everyone who came out for our May Code Review & Pairing event. It’s always fun to see you all and learn together. 🤗

We want to give a huge thank you to Cameo who hosted our Chicago chapter’s May Code Review & Pairing event. Cameo is a startup that lets customers buy personalized messages from celebrities to share with friends for special occasions. They’ve been expanding a lot recently and their space is huge. There are picnic tables, couches, and conference rooms with murals. It’s always nice to have a space where our pairs can spread out and get comfortable.

Every month that we come together, we get to see a lot of really awesome projects and this month was no different. We saw a pet sitting project that facilitated a really incredible discussion about database architecture and a deep dive into relational databases and how they work. Another Mentee brought a music composition app that leverages Chrome’s Web MIDI API (so awesome to be able to plug in a little portable keyboard and have the browser know what’s being played!). The pair spent the event troubleshooting some client/server communication issues, and it was a great reminder that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been coding, small bugs often take the most time to debug.

We had a pair that worked through project goals and converted a vanilla Javascript app to React using Create React App. And we had another group that had a conversation about accessibility and who both connected through another wonderful Chicago Meetup, Chicago Digital Accessibility and Inclusive Design. You should check it out! It is really mindblowing how much our pairs can accomplish in a focused 90-minute pairing session.

As always, we want to thank our Mentors for their time and commitment to our community. We appreciate you!

Next month will be our 1-year anniversary celebration and we’re currently ironing out the final details. We’ll be sharing those shortly. Can you believe it’s been a year!?