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Code Review & Pairing

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Our flagship Code Review & Pairing events take advantage of these two development practices for 1:1 learning by matching an experienced developer Mentor with a Mentee.

Code reviews and pair programming are often overlooked as mentorship opportunities. Code reviews offer a unique opportunity to learn from code you wrote while pairing is a chance to learn practical development skills such as debugging, refactoring, and code architecture design.

Mentor roles & responsibilities

  • Have a proficient to expert understanding of at least one language/framework
  • Complete a code review with feedback prior to the event
  • Pair program with Mentee to review and start implementing your suggestions

As a Mentor, you will get coaching in productive code reviews, giving feedback, and pairing. Being a Mentor is a great experience to build empathy and learn how to build better teams.

Mentee roles & responsibilities

  • Provide a link to some code for your Mentor to review. There is no minimum requirement! It can be 3 lines of code that you're trying to understand or a working app that you want to optimize.
  • Provide some information about what you are looking to learn
  • Pair program with your Mentor to start implementing some of their suggestions

As a Mentee, you will get to practice Git flows, receiving code review feedback, and pair programming. All of these are skills to put on your resume and speak to during interviews.